The other night I hosted my first web chat! It was actually so much fun for me. If you want to know what Twitter is all about and how to use it to:

  • connect with people
  • add value to your business
  • find potential clients/customers
  • keep in touch with current customers
  • develop a PLN: Personal Learning Network

…see the video linked below, Learning the Twitterverse – Twitter for Beginners! I know it can be overwhelming but I promise I make it simple. If you want to know when I do another, or you want one-on-one or coaching in a group setting, please send me a message via the comment box below!

Learning the Twitterverse – Twitter for Beginners – Hosted by Monet Diamante

Topics discussed: my passion, building your brand, Twitter acronyms, the unwritten rules, the real rules, how to engage with people, using hashtags the right way, using lists, why I love Instagram, some laughs, a couple of curse words, a little inspiration, & a lot of value.  So fun. #lovemylife 😉

More resources:

How to Get More Out of Your PLN Using Twitter by Denise Scavitto, Author at Edudemic