Thank You Letters from High School Students
Thank You Letters from High School Students

Monet is one of the most energetic, passionate, knowledgeable, and patient people I’ve ever met. Her understanding and ability to connect with the people she works with and helps is second to none. Before meeting her, my attitude toward “social media” was rather negative and I wanted nothing to do with it. Within 2 weeks, she had me posting daily videos, blogs, and off to THE VOICE audition FULLY financially supported by Facebook fans. If it weren’t for Monet, this dream of mine never would have happened.” Ryan ‘Rollie’ Brolliar: Musician & Teacher. 

“Monet was great! Good overview and useful tips. Can’t wait to put them to use!” Steve Arensberg. San Antonio, TX. October 2013

Monet’s video Learning the Twitterverse outlines the basics of how to use Twitter and tips on keeping your message congruent. As a new user of Twitter I found this video very helpful. 

Monet is able to convey information in a personable way that is instructive and useful and I recommend anyone wanting to learn the basics of Twitter to watch it.Anni May Jensen. Tasmania, Australia. Writer at creative-inspiration. October 2013.

“I always enjoy your enthusiasm and willingness to give the kids important information that will benefit them so much.  Your heart is into helping… Janet Ouadah. Teacher, Crawford High School, San Diego. October, 2013.

The lovely Monet has Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and still manages to kick major ass and pursue her fitness goals. She’s kindhearted, inspiring, honest, and full of life— a true breath of fresh air.”  Emily Bradley. Writer at Chronic Curve. September 2013.

“I just wanted to send you a quick email saying thank you for taking your time to come talk to our classroom… thanks to that we are not only able to broaden our thoughts about different career options but also get an idea of the steps that are necessary to accomplish our college goals.” Student, Clairemont High School. October 2013.

Recognition: The Lovely Blog Award, by Peachy Pains. October 2012.